About Us

With the aim of improving the individual and social health, Pakrokh has always been active in the fields of hair and skin, oral and dental health, as well as surface and clothing hygiene.

Pakrokh has tried to complete its product portfolio meet all the hygiene needs of Iranian families by relying on the latest information and technology of the world; therefore, it has developed a product portfolio of Latifeh, Lezor, Silvergate, Crend and Iren also by considering such wide categories as age and; it Has been able to address the needs of many Iranian consumers.

With more than half a century of experience, and its scientific and research-based approach, the company has made the vision of producing qualitative and distinctive along with carving out such long lasting trademarks as Lezor, Latifeh, Silvergate, Crend and Iren Also, Pakrokh has been able to take fundamental and robust steps to increase national production capacities, entrepreneurship and modify consumption patterns.

Company History

1963 – Founding a laboratory, beginning of the story

In 1963, Dr. Hamidi started the life story of Pakrokh brand by establishing a laboratory called Dr. Hamidi Lab, which was active in the production of a variety of detergent and sanitary products. The goal of this laboratory was to meet people’s sanitary needs, and of course, to improve the community’s health and well-being, and during these years, great steps have been taken.

1980 – A wonderful change in the process of production

After 17 years since the establishment of Pakrokh brand, considering changes in consumption patterns, with the increase of consumers’ knowledge level and information, and also the growing growth of technology, Dr. Hamidi Laboratory changed its name to Latoniran Laboratory to take strong and robust steps to develop its activities in the field of production, utilizing the latest technology in the world and keeping up with the world’s top brands.

1982 – Pakrokh, an everlasting name

After about 2 years, Latoniran Laboratory was looking for a name that could indicate the nature and variety of its products, and also instill them into industry and consumers. This is how the need to change and choose a worthy name within the framework of Latoniran Laboratory was put on the focus and after many years alongside with fundamental research, Pakrokh has been a familiar name to all those who care about their health and their families.

2019 –A groundbreaking change in the structure

With a modern perspective aligned with the advancement of technology, a major change has also happened in Pakrokh, when Mr. Mohammad Ali Shahrezaei purchased all the company’s share from other stockholders Since then, Pakrokh has taken robust and calculated steps to produce a variety of high-quality health care products by acquiring experienced and educated forces, alongside with applying the world’s best technologies and machinery. Today, with a strategic vision to achieve consumer satisfaction, Pakrokh is moving towards the horizons of success and progress with great speed.