Latifeh is one of the oldest names among all the brands Pakrokh Company has founded. It has been able to serve Iranian consumers for more than half a century.

The large variety of products from this brand has always resulted in a trace of this high-quality brand in the household shopping cart. As one of the most famous products produced by the Latifeh brand, one can mention the pink and gold hair conditioner, which has a large share of the market.

Latifeh also sells garlic, Ziziphus, eggs, and daily shampoos, liquid hand washes, surface disinfectant spray, and hand gel.

Lezor shampoo is produced based on a unique formulation and German technology. It contains wheat hydrolyzed protein. This shampoo helps the damaged hair to be revived and repaired.

The oat extract used in this product can reduce the effects of split ends in hair. The mint in the formulation creates a sense of freshness.

The hydrating compounds used in Lezor shampoo, can make the hair more luminous and provide the moisture needed for the hair stem. Lezor shampoos are available in four colors: green, purple, red, and yellow, which are suitable for oily, normal, dyed, and dried hair.

By providing oral and dental hygiene products considering consumer needs, Silvergate has introduced its toothpaste products to the market.

Many people have always been concerned about the mass and colors left by food pigments and drinks on their teeth, as well as the bad breath and decay caused by sugar.

Therefore, Silvergate provides its consumers with whitening and anti-cavity toothpastes as well as kid’s toothpastes.

Crend is a well-known toothpaste brand throughout the country. Relying on its powerful formulations, the brand has been able to produce anti-cavity and tricolor toothpaste to protect the teeth and gums in the best way possible.

One of the most important benefits of using Crend toothpaste is that it reduces gingivitis and removes plaque from the teeth. Bacteria formed in the mouth throughout the day, can be easily erased from your mouth by using this product.

Iren is the oldest brand of Pakrokh Company, which, according to its general strategy, tries to provide a first-class product portfolio with appropriate quality, competitive price and cost-effectiveness . In 1341, the Iren brand was registered and in 1980, the first product of this brand was produced in collaboration with Dr. Hamidi’s laboratory.

The number of people who are not familiar with Iren Apple Shampoo and its nostalgic packaging are very few as it is very well known.