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Iren is the oldest brand of Pakrokh Company, which, according to its general strategy, tries to provide a first-class product portfolio with appropriate quality, competitive price and cost-effectiveness. In 1341, the Iren brand was registered and in 1980, the first product of this brand was produced in collaboration with Dr. Hamidi’s laboratory. The number of people who are not familiar with Iren Apple Shampoo and its nostalgic packaging are very few as it is very well known.

In 1399 and 1400, two new products were launched with this brand. At first, they were produced and marketed with a very special formulation of Glass cleaner (with two scents of Orange and Stock flowers), later on the All purpose surface cleaner (with two scents of Lemon and Berries) have been introduced to the market. In the late 1400s, with the production of Carpet Shampoo, it expanded its product basket.