All Purpose Spray and Surface Cleaner

All Purpose Spray and Surface Cleaner

Choosing the right detergent contributes a lot to our health and the health of our home appliances. At the same time, the use of different detergents makes our work difficult. So we have to look for a product that can do the job of several detergents for us. IREN All-purpose cleaner has many applications and can be used to clean various surfaces such as wood, metal and ceramics. This product is for quick and easy cleaning of stains and dust on different levels. In addition, it has two pleasant aromas of Lemon, and Berries.

Why should we use IREN All-purpose cleaning solution?

The use of IREN multi-purpose cleaner, in addition to allowing us quickly, easily and deeply clean all surfaces, also has a pleasant scent.

Affordable price and high quality fully justify the purchase of this product.

Features and properties of multi-purpose liquid:

  • Suitable for metal and stone surfaces
  • Removes old stains
  • Stain and grease remover – Quick, easy, strong and deep cleanser

Suitable for cleaning sloping surfaces with two methods:

  • Spray
  • Stream

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