IREN Glass Cleaner

IREN Glass Cleaner

Cleaning glass can be difficult, but using IREN glass cleaner makes it much easier. IREN glass cleaner has the ability to clean glass surfaces leaving them shiny. This spray contains lubricants to remove grease and dirty stains and can make the cleaning process much easier. The volume of this cleansing glass is 500 ml and it has two pleasant aromas of Orange and Stock Flowers, which can be used down to the last drop due to its spray-shaped design.

Why should we use a glass cleaner?

The use of IREN glass cleaner, in addition to removing stains, dust and grease left behind leaves a pleasant orange and Stocks flowers scent. Using this product is also economical for the consumer.

Features and properties of IREN glass cleaner

  • Dust remover
  • High cleaning power
  • Eliminates grease and creates transparency on polished surfaces
  • Remove stains caused by raindrops, dust, soot and dirt on glass surfaces
  • Inhibit any traces and stains on the glass
  • With a pleasant aroma

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