IREN Herbal Apple Shampoo

IREN Herbal Apple Shampoo

In ancient times, washing hair was done with soap. However, with the increase of specialized hair products and the increase of people’s awareness about the damage that soap causes to the hair and causes it to be too dry, its use gradually decreased. Today, reputable and active companies in the field of personal care products have been very successful and have launched various shampoos for intensive hair care. IREN brand, which has a long history in the field of hair products, has produced apple shampoo suitable for oily scalp in its series of herbal shampoos. This product, while reducing excessive hair fiber oil, does not cause frizz or dryness on the hair, and is very economical and has been produced to help reduce the costs of Iranian households.

Why should we use IREN Apple Shampoo?

Using this product reduces excessive hair oil and brings beauty to your hair. This product is offered with its affordable price to reduce household expenses.

Features and properties of IREN apple shampoo

  • Suitable for oily hair
  •  The softness and beauty of hair
  •  Nourishing hair fibers
  •  Affordable price