Latifeh Baby Shampoo

Latifeh Baby Shampoo

Latifeh baby shampoo with its gentle cleaning formula is suitable for children’s daily bathing and, due to its pleasant fragrance, it creates an enjoyable feeling for children during bathing time. The most important feature of Latifeh shampoo is its paraben-free quality.


Why should we use Latifeh’s Baby Shampoo?

Due to the neutral PH in it, Latifeh’s baby shampoo prevents children’s eye irritation and eliminates the fat on the skin and hair of the baby. Latifeh baby shampoo, with its unique formula, keeps your baby’s hair from getting tangled.


Features and benefits of Latifeh Baby Shampoo

  • High cleaning power
  • No eyes irritation
  • Neutral PH
  • Beautiful packaging
  • A suitable fragrance for children’s sense of smell
  • Prevents hair tangling
Who can use Latifeh Baby Shampoo
Latifeh baby shampoo is recommended for children.
Latifeh Baby Shampoo usage instructions
Soak your baby's hair first and massage the baby's head with a good amount of shampoo, and then wash it with water.
Latifeh Baby Shampoo Packaging
Latifeh baby shampoo comes in three sizes: 200, 300, and 500 ml.