Latifeh Daily Shampoo

Latifeh Daily Shampoo

Latifeh daily shampoo is the best choice with pleasant fragrance and hydrolyzed silk protein for daily use which brings shine and softness to the hair. The hydrating compounds in this product can maintain hair moisture, while the PQ10 enzyme used in this product provides better styling.


Silk hydrolyzed protein benefits

  • Restoration and strengthening of the scalp skin
  • Keeping the hair stem moisturized
  • Softening agent


Features and benefits of Latifeh Daily Shampoo

  • Increases hair shine
  • Maintaining moisture and hydrating
  • Reduction of static electricity
  • Provides better hair styling
Who can use Latifeh Daily Shampoo
Latifeh daily shampoo with its hydrolyzed silk protein is the best and most suitable choice for men and women who are used to washing their hair on a daily basis.
How to use Latifeh Daily Shampoo
Pour some of Latifeh's daily shampoo into the palm of your hand and pour it over your hair, massage your hair thoroughly, then rinse it after a few minutes.
Daily Shampoo Packaging
Latifeh daily shampoo is available in the size of 400 ml.