Latifeh Disinfectant

Latifeh Disinfectant

Latifeh disinfectants are available in two forms of handwashing gel and surface disinfectant spray. These products have been able to help many consumers during the pandemic when everybody’s health and wellbeing were endangered. One on the effective ways to avoid variety of viral and bacterial diseases, including the Corona Virus, is using these products. Latifeh disinfectants which are available in different sizes and pleasant fragrances can meet the hygiene needs of so many people.

Why should we use Latifeh disinfectant?

Latifeh hand sanitizer and cleansing gel contain alcohol and, with its skin-compatible compounds, can be a good alternative to washing hands with soap and water. The alcohol used in this product, along with skincare compounds, can disinfect a wide range of viruses and bacteria. Also, the Latifeh surface disinfectant spray has been able to address the concerns of many consumers about surface hygiene with a standard amount of alcohol and pleasant fragrances.

Features and properties of Latifeh disinfectant

  • It contains a standard amount of alcohol.
  • Having skin-friendly compounds
  • High decontamination capability
  • No feelings of stiffness and dryness in the skin
  • spray surfaces easyily

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