Latifeh Egg Shampoo

Latifeh Egg Shampoo

Latifeh egg shampoo is one of the most suitable shampoos for all types of hair. The features and benefits of egg, such as vitamins A and E increase the hair volume. Latifeh Egg Shampoo is one of the most nostalgic products designed and produced by Pakrokh.


Egg benefits

One of the main characteristics of eggs is the high amount of vitamin A and E in them. The protein in the egg causes the hair to get thicker and also increases the volume.


Characteristics and benefits of Latifeh Egg Shampoo

  • It contains vitamins E and A, which helps thickening the hair
  • Increases hair luminosity
  • Suitable for daily use
Who can use Latifeh Egg Shampoo
Latifeh egg shampoo, with its excellent elements, is recommended for everyone to consume at any time.
How to use Latifeh Egg Shampoo
Pour some of Latifeh's egg shampoo into the palm of your hand and pour it over your hair. Then massage your hair and head thoroughly, and then, after a few minutes, rinse it off.
Egg Shampoo packaging
Latifeh egg shampoo is available in three sizes: 200, 400, and 800 ml.