Latifeh liquid Handwash with Violet flower scent

Latifeh Violet flower liquid handwash

Latifeh liquid handwash with high cleaning capability is a perfect choice for those who want to protect and prevent dryness of the skin, since it contains glycerin. This product is designed and produced in 5 different fragrances and sizes and it is presented with beautiful packaging and attractive colors, including Red Rose, Sun Effect, Sea Dream, Violet Flower, and Olive fragrances.


Why should we use Latifeh Violet flower liquid handwash?

Using Latifeh Liquid handwash with high cleaning power eliminates the concerns of daily contamination on the hands and gives you a good sense of cleanness, freshness and softer skin by leaving pleasant fragrances.


Characteristics and properties of Latifeh Violet flower liquid handwash

  • Containing Glycerin to prevent dry skin
  • Available in 5 different fragrances
  • Perfect cleaning capability
Who can use Latifeh's Sea Dream liquid handwash
We recommend it to anyone concerned about the cleanliness and softness of their hands' skin.
How to use Latifeh liquid handwash?
Pour a few drops of Latifeh's Violet liquid handwash on your hands, massage the hands for a minute, and then wash it with water.
Liquid handwash packaging
Latifeh liquid handwash is available in 5 different fragrances: Sun Effect, Sea Dream, Red Rose, Olive, and Violet flower in 3 sizes of 400, 2000, and 3800 grams.